9-Year-Old Boy Sees Mom’s Body on the Ground after a Car Crash, Performs CPR He Learned from TV

A tragic car accident occurred in the middle of an ordinary day, leaving a woman who was riding an electric bicycle unconscious. Her son witnessed the incident and reacted quickly, doing something that left many people, including his father, speechless.

A son surnamed Wu was present for an ordeal no child should endure. His precious mother fought to survive after a car knocked her off her bike. She lay on the ground at a busy intersection, bike next to her, and her future uncertain.

The worried and terrified child had no idea if his mom would make it. Her injuries looked severe, so he did the only thing he could think of.

Wu’s mom was on her way to collect him like any other day, but life changed drastically in a moment. Her son saw the accident and rushed to help. While Wu had no medical training, he sprang into action.

He performed chest compressions on his mother in an attempt to save her life. His CPR knowledge came from an unexpected source—not from school, family, or friends, but from the television.

The boy’s father, who was shocked by his child’s quick thinking, shared:

“My son is nine years old, and we never taught him CPR. He picked it up on his own from television.”

A passerby recorded a video of the 2022 accident, capturing the scene and the boy’s brave actions. The footage also showed the woman lying on the ground at a busy intersection.

Wu tried to gain his mother’s attention, calling “mom, mom,” but there was no response. Despite his most desperate efforts, his mother remained unconscious, with a wound to her head.

The youngster opened an umbrella to shield her from the sun while they waited for an ambulance. When the emergency vehicle finally arrived, Wu’s mom had not regained consciousness. Still, the child kept telling his loved one: “Mom, you’ve got to hang in there!”

The ordeal alerted many people to the desperate need for better education and training regarding CPR. Netizens believed the more people knew about safety measures, the better.

Thankfully, the woman regained consciousness as medical workers rushed her to the hospital with her brave son next to her.

Ambulance driver Yang reported that the boy never left his mother’s side, calling out to her and offering words of comfort during the nerve-wracking ride.

The family’s world had been turned upside down instantly, and they were left to pray for a miracle and hold on to hope with all their might.

The boy’s father told the press that his beloved wife had sustained life-threatening injuries in the accident and was still recovering in the hospital.

The ordeal alerted many people to the desperate need for better education and training regarding CPR. Netizens believed the more people knew about safety measures, the better.

Many in the online community sang Wu’s praises, stunned that someone so young remained calm and able to lend a helping hand when it was needed most:

“With proper training, the boy will be a lifesaver in the future.”

– (Boon Heong Lee) July 25, 2022

“Wishing a speedy recovery to the mom and well done to her son for the great efforts he demonstrated with love and care. You are AWESOME!!”

– (Letitia Gingles) July 25, 2022

“It shows a great example for the kids. [He] must be well-trained and knowledgeable to perform during an unexpected situation like this. I hope your mom is okay now. You are an inspiration to others. God bless you, kid.”

– (Aubrierose Estilo Tenajeros) July 25, 2022

Goodness, what a brave boy. I do hope his mum is doing well. I’m based in China, and usually, it’s very true for no one to help in situations like this. People are afraid to get involved in case they are dragged into [something] with the law. It’s so very heartbreaking. What a hero he was for his mom.”

– (Jenna Dolman) July 25, 2022

Amid the shock of the ordeal, the boy’s courage and quick thinking touched the hearts of many, encouraging them to be prepared for emergencies.

As we reflect on this powerful story, let us all remember the importance of staying calm in the face of adversity and taking action when faced with difficult situations. May we all be inspired by this brave young boy!

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