A Dad Posted A Video Of His Daughter Saying Her Babysitter Smells Like Seafood Chowder & The Sitter Showed Up To Defend Herself

While children are known to sometimes speak without a filter, parents are usually quick to reprimand them for hurtful things they may say about other people.

However, one dad did the opposite and publicly made a video of his young daughter claiming that her babysitter doesn’t smell very good. The video instantly went viral, and not only attracted the attention of over 3 million people but was also seen by the babysitter, who wasn’t happy about the video in the slightest.

The babysitter tried to defend herself after a father posted a video of his daughter saying that she smells like seafood chowder.
In a TikTok video posted by Jacob Cadwell, he had recorded his young daughter smelling a pot of soup at the grocery store.

As she lifted the lid of the soup, the little girl said aloud while sniffing it, “Why does it smell like our babysitter?” Laughing, Cadwell, asked if she meant that the seafood chowder had a similar smell to their babysitter, before eventually telling his daughter to back away from the food as she lifted the lid again to smell it.

In overlay text, Cadwell wrote, “Our sitter smells like soup?” with several laughing emojis following it

If that wasn’t bad enough, the babysitter ended up seeing Cadwell’s video and attempted to defend herself against the accusation that she smells bad. In a follow-up video, the sitter can be seen, presumably, at Cadwell’s home, talking through his Ring camera.

In the caption of the video, Cadwell assures viewers that his daughter’s babysitter wanted everyone to know that she in fact doesn’t smell like seafood chowder.

“I use Victoria’s Secret body spray and Dove deodorant every single day,” she tells him. “So, I don’t know how I would smell like seafood chowder.”

The babysitter also inquired why Cadwell would post a video like that, knowing she followed him on TikTok and would eventually see it. “I did block you so I’m never gonna have to see anything like that from you again,” she added.

“If you don’t mind, please let your viewers and your commenters on TikTok know that I don’t smell like clam chowder or whatever it is that you think I smell like.” The babysitter then pointed out that she even “hates seafood” and most likely doesn’t even eat it.

People in the comments section expressed sympathy for the babysitter having to see a video like that about herself.

“I don’t even know what’s going on, but I’m on the babysitter’s side just [because] of the level of maturity confronting you,” one TikTok user wrote.

Another user agreed, writing that they “felt bad” that the sitter had to defend herself against mean comments about her body odor, while a third user commented, “Wow, that’s super messed up.”

“When I saw the original post I was thinking how sad it was to post,” a fourth user remarked. “Glad she stood up for herself.”

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