Couple Spends $30K On Their Wedding Day Only To Discover They Aren’t Really Married

A newlywed couple faced the biggest shock after finding out they didn’t actually get married.

In a TikTok video, Madalyn Boucher and Bill Smitley, revealed the mishap with their marriage license after they spent thousands of dollars on their ceremony

The couple spent $30,000 on their wedding only to discover they aren’t married.

Boucher and Smitley, who married in a costly ceremony in October 2022, explained that the officiant of their wedding was to blame — who also happened to be Boucher’s grandfather.

“I’m trying to get my husband on Tricare through the military, and I needed our marriage certificate,” Boucher began.

She explained that after realizing she’d misplaced their certificate, her husband ended up finding their marriage license instead.

“So this is the marriage license,” Boucher shouted in frustration, showing the paper to the camera, before angrily pointing to the bottom section of the document. “And this is the portion that the officiant was supposed to send to the probate court to legitimize our marriage.”

She pointed out that the license “expired nine days ago,” which means that she and her husband aren’t actually married.

“We spent $30,000, not for a wedding, but for a f–king social gathering,” she cried. “Now we have to go to the courthouse and get married.”

In the comments of Boucher’s videos, other TikTok users reacted to the unfortunate mishap, joking that her grandfather must’ve done it on purpose.

“Grandpa said, ‘She’ll thank me for this later,'” one user wrote, while another added, “Grandpa knew what he was doing.”

Other users joined in on the teasing, with a third user writing, “I wish this happened to me. Would have saved a lot of time on the divorce.”

In a follow-up video, Boucher shared they were able to work everything out.
In a second TikTok, Boucher and Smitley explained that they were able to finalize their marriage without having to go through another ceremony.

“We went to the courthouse and they were willing to make an exception,” Boucher said in the video, adding that it was done even though they were “10 days over” the “60 day requirement.”

Boucher then pointed out that despite previous comments blaming her grandfather, he wasn’t the one in the wrong

“It was his sole responsibility,” she said. “But, it was his first time officiating a wedding, he had no idea. We’re not mad, it was just a miscommunication.”

She explained that the reason she had “freaked out” after realizing they weren’t married had been because of the time crunch to add her husband to the insurance.

“We weren’t legally married. now we are, so hopefully we can get that figured out,” she concluded.

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