He And His Wife Went House Shopping, And After His Brother-In-Law Started Picking Out His Room, He Told His Brother-In-Law He Can’t Move With Them

Have you ever had a family member stay with you when they’re having a hard time? It’s typically a temporary situation, but some people have a habit of overstaying their welcome.

A man recently had to tell his brother-in-law that he could no longer stay with him as he looked for new houses with his wife.

He and his wife are in their late 20s and have a young daughter. His wife’s 22-year-old brother has been staying with them for almost a year.

Supposedly his brother-in-law was living with a group of friends but wasn’t pleased with his living situation, so he was invited by his sister to stay with them for a little while.

They’ve been living in a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms. He shares a bedroom with his wife, his brother-in-law has his own room, and his daughter has her own room.

But recently, his wife told him she was ready to have more children, so it was time for them to move into a bigger home. He figured that his brother-in-law would be moving out once they moved into a new house. But, in reality, not everyone was on the same page.

As they went to tour a house for sale, he thought it would be a good time to tell his brother-in-law that it was time to find a new place.

While they were looking around the new house, his brother-in-law started pointing out what room would be his.

“I didn’t say anything at the moment, but when we got back into the car, he commented again that he wanted that certain room,” he recalled. “I straight up told him when the time came to switch houses, he most likely isn’t going with us.”

His brother-in-law gave him a strange look, and so did his wife, who asked why her brother wouldn’t join them in the new house.

He explained that the only reason they were looking for a bigger home was to have more room for more kids, not more room for their kids and her brother.

His wife suggested that their kids share a room while her brother has his own, but he said it wouldn’t be fair to stick their daughter in a room with a crying baby.

While in the car, his wife turned directly to her brother and told him they would work something out. He said no and that her brother still needed to move out because he was never supposed to live with them permanently.

“My wife is upset and is firm on her brother coming with us and told me I’m selfish and inconsiderate of people,” he said. “I did start to feel like a jerk after I thought about it.”

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