He Recently Found Out That His Girlfriend Of Five Years Had Been With Nearly All The Guys In Their Friend Group Before They Started Dating, And He Isn’t Sure What To Think About That

When this 26-year-old guy was in college, he met his current girlfriend– who is also 26. So, they have now been dating for about five years.

Back when he was a student, though, he was reportedly a bit of a loner. At the same time, his girlfriend had a whole group of friends who she always hung out with.

That’s why, after they met, he was sort of “indoctrinated” into that group.

“And I have been friends with them for the five years I’ve been with my girlfriend,” he said.

Once he and his girlfriend finally became exclusive, though, they apparently decided to sit down one evening and discuss all of their previous relationships.

But, during that conversation, he claimed his girlfriend never once mentioned the fact that she had been intimate with nearly all of the guys in their friend group.

That’s why he was completely blindsided during a conversation with his guy friend a couple of days ago.

Apparently, the discussion began when he started talking to his friend about when they first met and the fact that they got introduced through his girlfriend.

And eventually, his friend made a remark about how he really turned his girlfriend around. The friend also noted how his girlfriend had seriously “changed for the better” ever since they started dating.

“And I had no idea what he was talking about,” he recalled.

But, it turned out that he was the only person who was clueless about his girlfriend’s past– because his friend was completely shocked by his confusion..

He ultimately found out that before he met his girlfriend, she was extremely “active” with other guys. In other words, she had hooked up with some of the men in their friend group and had also sent spicy photos to nearly all of them.

Since he had no clue about any of that, he couldn’t believe it at first, either. But, he wound up asking another friend if that was all true, and apparently, that friend also provided the same “You didn’t know?” response.

Now, to be clear, he doesn’t necessarily care that his girlfriend got around before they met. In fact, he already knew that she was quite active with other guys..

She told me from the get-go,” he revealed.

However, he just didn’t know that his girlfriend meant with all of her friends– who now also happen to be his friends. And since he and his girlfriend still talk to and hang out with these guys basically every day, he’s starting to feel pretty weird about the fact that he was the only person who didn’t know.

Still, he is really not sure what to think or how to navigate this situation. So now, he has been left wondering how to move forward.

Does it seem like his girlfriend was trying to hide her past? Are people required to disclose their past partners? Is it different when you and your partner are friends with all of them? Can you understand why he might feel like a fool for being the only person who didn’t know? How would you handle this situation?

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