Her Boyfriend Took Offense To Her Parents Pushing For A Prenup, And He Thinks This Is Equal To Them Calling Him A Gold Digger

This 24-year-old girl has grandparents who are super wealthy. Her grandma and grandpa built multiple businesses, and they also invested their money well.

Today, a ton of their money is in stocks, but they also live in a home worth $3 million dollars and have a cottage worth north of $5 million dollars.

Recently, her grandparents sold one of their companies and took that money and invested it all. They still have another company that they make more than $100,000 a year on. Additionally, they own a mall that is also worth millions of dollars

Her mom is set to inherit the mall, and then she is going to pass it on to her after she decides to retire.

Her grandma and grandpa’s cottage will be given to her mom as well, and their house is going to be inherited by her uncle.

As for the money her grandparents have, it’s going to all be split up between her mom and her uncle, but she and her sister will get some too.

“Once my parents die…more money trickles down,” she explained. “I hate thinking about all that, though.

“My father had brought up that he wants my sister and me to get prenups so if something happens, our partners can’t take what my grandparents worked for. I have no intentions of getting divorced but don’t mind the safety blanket.”

“My boyfriend took it as them calling him a gold digger. He’s largely offended and says he won’t sign…He keeps going off about how his grandparents worked and didn’t spend a dime, so he has money to lose too. He thinks this is my parent’s way of saying they think we are going to fail

She and her boyfriend do want to get married to one another, and they both couldn’t ever dream of then getting divorced.

She does want to make her parents happy and follow through with the prenup, and if something ever did happen to cause her and her boyfriend to split up, the prenup would not make them “better or worse” than where they are now.

The prenup simply would state that she and her boyfriend could exit their marriage with everything they entered it with and only would split what they made with one another.

Her boyfriend is still completely opposed to a prenup and insists that they should be all in or all out.

“I know this will cause issues with my family (my parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle all have prenups),” she said

“How do I talk to him about whether or not we should get one without him shutting down and getting offended again?”

“It’s something I’m willing to talk through and make a decision on together, but it feels like he’s trying to pressure me into a hard no on this.”

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