Her Brother And Sister-In-Law Couldn’t Afford To Give Her Niece A Birthday Party This Year, And Then They Even Asked Her To Pay For A Party Since She Can Clearly Afford It

This 31-year-old woman has an 8-year-old daughter as well as an 8-year-old niece. And the little girls are actually only 10 days apart in age.

So, for as long as she can remember, her sister-in-law has been pushing for her daughter and niece to celebrate a “shared” birthday party.

According to her, they had already done this in the past, too– when the girls were between the ages of 1 and 4-years-old.

Pretty quickly, though, she and her husband realized that they were always the people footing the bill for the entire event– including the venue, decorations, and food.

“The girls also were complete opposites,” she added. “My daughter has always been more of a tomboy; meanwhile, my niece is super girly

But, once she and her husband finally put a stop to the shared birthday parties, her brother and sister-in-law were seriously upset.

It wound up causing a massive fight, in which her brother and sister-in-law claimed they couldn’t afford to throw a nice big party for her niece.

However, they pointed out how she and her husband were financially able to foot the bill. So, her brother and sister-in-law claimed it only made sense that she paid for her niece’s celebration since they are family.

“Yeah, not gonna fly with my husband and me,” she told them.

Ever since then, she stuck by her word, too– throwing her daughter a separate birthday party.

And for her daughter’s party this year, they planned to have a Formula 1 theme– since her daughter loves watching Formula 1 with her husband.

The weekend right before the celebration, though, she attended a family dinner at her parent’s house with her brother, sister-in-law, and niece.

So, given the time of the year, her parents decided to ask the girls if they were excited about their birthdays. Her parents also inquired about whether her daughter and her niece were having birthday parties this year.

At that point, her daughter chimed in to talk about the Formula 1-themed party. Afterward, her sister-in-law answered for her niece and claimed her niece wouldn’t be getting a party this year since “things were tight.”

Her sister-in-law’s comment wound up ending the whole birthday party conversation. And according to her, everyone just left the topic alone for the rest of the evening.

So, she proceeded to host her daughter’s birthday party this past weekend, and everything went beautifully. Her entire family was invited as usual, and all of the guests were having a great time

Well, that was until it was time for cake.

Apparently, she was in the kitchen just talking to her mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a few other friends while she began readying the cake. Once her sister-in-law saw the dessert, though, her sister-in-law reportedly looked confused before asking, “Is this the girls’ birthday cake?

After that, she was the confused one and asked her sister-in-law what she meant by “the girls”– because the cake was just for her daughter.

“Well, I thought since I mentioned that things are tight this year, that you would include your niece in the birthday,” her sister-in-law responded

Now, she told her sister-in-law that she understood the situation. But she wound up asking why that idea was never mentioned to her before that moment.

Her sister-in-law ultimately just snapped at her, though, and said it was just common sense. Afterward, her sister-in-law also accused her and her husband of being “so selfish” for not providing her niece with any kind of birthday celebration this year before storming out of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, though, that still was not the end of the drama. Once her sister-in-law stormed out, her sister-in-law proceeded to make a huge scene in the middle of the party– yelling at her brother and niece that they were leaving.

Plus, ever since the birthday incident, her sister-in-law has not stopped texting her and her husband– calling them every name in the book and trying to make them feel guilty about the fact that her niece isn’t getting a celebration this year.

“And I feel bad that my niece isn’t going to get a birthday party,” she revealed.

So now, she has been left wondering whether not including her niece in her daughter’s birthday party was a really rude thing to do.

Is it her job to make sure her niece has a birthday party? Could her brother and sister-in-law get creative to make a cost-effective celebration? Was it fair for her sister-in-law to claim including her niece’s name on the cake was “common sense,” or should her sister-in-law just have been upfront? If you were in her shoes, how would you handle this situation?

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