Her Husband’s Family Threw Her A Baby Shower, But She Left In Tears After They Said Cruel Things About The Name She Picked For Her Son

This 25-year-old girl is currently pregnant with her very first child, and she’s going to be having a boy.

When she and her husband learned that their baby would be a boy, they decided to name their son after her late brother.

Her late brother’s name was Skyler, but he always used the nickname, Skye. She sadly lost her brother when he was 17, and she was 15.

“We lost our parents when we were little,” she explained. “We had half-siblings who were much older but were not part of our lives.”

“Our dad had a complicated family dynamic where nobody spoke to each other in his family, and my mom’s family was either gone or just not interested (really only my half-siblings). Skye was everything to me while I had him. He was there to protect me and defend me when needed.”

“He was my best friend. He was my only family for so long. When I lost him it broke me. He was so young too. The name makes me smile when I hear it, and I wanted to give my son a name that meant something to me. My husband loved the name and the story and meaning behind it.”

Now, her husband’s family knows about her own history, and they also know that her brother’s name was Skye.

Last weekend, her husband’s family threw her a baby shower, and although she always thought his family was wonderful, that all changed at the baby shower.

During her baby shower, her husband’s entire family spoke up and told her that they hated the name she picked out for her baby.

Her husband’s own sister said the name Skye was way too feminine, and that was a terrible thing to do to a boy.

Meanwhile, her husband’s mom and dad just mentioned they thought she was insane for picking that kind of name out for a boy, even though they were aware that she got the name from her late brother.

Her husband’s mom even said giving her son a name like that would make him grow up to believe he was some kind of a joke.

“My husband was furious,” she said. “I started to cry because they knew the story behind the name, and they were saying so many awful things. My husband encouraged me to get out of there while he stayed and yelled at his family. I did leave.”

“They were angry with me then for leaving, and even though my husband defended me and said he told me to leave, I wonder if I was rude leaving when people were there to celebrate our little boy?”

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