I’m so Tall I Can’t Get a Date – One Bloke Even Called Me a Man in Heels’

Marie Temara, 28, has been taller than most women her whole life but she’s tired of men thinking she’s not feminine simply due to her height

A 6ft 2in woman claims it’s “impossible” for her to date because of her height.

Marie Temara, 28, has been taller than most women her whole life and has faced a host of struggles thanks to her height.

She’s overcome comments from cruel bullies in her time – but finding love has been one of the biggest chores.

With only 2% of the population in her native Florida being taller than 6ft 3in, she’s used to standing out from the crowd

Marie, from Palm Beach, “I will admit it is extremely difficult to find a guy taller than me. Dating at my height is almost impossible because it is so limited.

“One guy I went on a date with said he was 6ft 5in on his online dating profile, but when I met up with him he was at most 5ft 11in

In the past some blokes, have said cruel things to Marie about her height.

One person told her “no one likes tall girls”, while another claimed she looks like “a man in heels”.

This led her to doing certain things to make herself look smaller – such as never wearing heels and slouching when out in public.

“I’d do anything to make myself appear shorter to fit in,” she added.

“However, recently I have started dating shorter guys, and now that I’m open to dating at any height, it is much easier to date

But sometimes it’s still difficult to find a guy that is OK with me being taller than him.

“I hope to change the dating stigma that ‘men have to be the taller ones in the relationship’ because height shouldn’t matter.

“I don’t mind being a foot taller or two taller than any man!”

When she was born, Marie weighed 12lbs.

And she was always at least a head taller than her classmates when growing up, which led to her being bullied over her height.

Other kids would call her a “man” or a “house” because she was taller than most of the male teachers.

Other children would be so cruel she’d often eat lunch alone in the bathroom stall

Marie said: “Looking back on that, I don’t know how kids could be so cruel to someone just because they look different.”

But even though she experienced incessant bullying, Marie has since blossomed into a beacon of self-confidence.

And she is far from alone when it comes to feeling tall, as she’s actually the shortest member of her family – her dad stands at 6ft 3in, her mother 6ft 5in, her brother 6ft 9in and her youngest brother 6ft 10in.

Marie still has to fight through the challenges of being a taller woman and struggles to find clothes and shoes that fit her.

But there are advantages that come with Marie being taller than most, as she can observe sports well, thrive at basketball and can reach things on higher shelves in supermarkets.

She also gets some compliments about her long legs.

She said: “I also get generally positive comments on my height now and many short kings praise me for my long legs, calling me ‘Mommy long legs’, saying ‘we are all the same height laying down’ and ‘I’d climb that tree’.

“Nowadays, I embrace my curves as a plus-size model, am proud to be tall and try to inspire others that being tall and different is beautiful.

“I am now ultra-feminine because I don’t ever want to be called a man again, and am trying to change the stigma that being tall isn’t a masculine trait.

“You can be a tall girl and still be feminine.

“I just hope to inspire others and show them that being tall, plus-size, and different is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of.

“Also, to try and change the dating stigma that short kings and tall queens don’t belong together.”

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