Man Accuses Girlfriend of Doing Nothing All Day – She Records Herself to Prove Him Wrong

A stay-at-home mom of two kids never contemplated having to prove how hard she worked all day. But when it came down to that, she decided to capture her never-ending struggle and share the video proof with the accusing party. Keep scrolling to discover the response she garnered!

Being a parent is no easy feat; nobody can understand this challenge better than a mother. From tending to her children’s many needs to caring for her husband and completing the house chores—a woman’s life is filled with endless tasks and responsibilities.

The same was true for Sierra Nicole, who shared two adorable kids with her boyfriend, Giuseppe. She loved being a parent and smothering her little ones with constant care and affection. But her toddlers could be quite a handful, and Nicole’s mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights were always busy.

One day, Nicole and Giuseppe, also her children’s father, had a fight. During one of their arguments, he accused her of doing nothing around the house all day while he worked hard in the office.

Nicole’s TikTok video received an overwhelming response from netizens far and wide.

Instead of justifying herself and speaking up in her defense, Nicole opted for a completely different approach. After much thought, the mom-of-two decided to record her daily routine and present video proof to her partner.

In a time-lapse video, Nicole gave a sneak peek into her beyond-busy life, where she looked after her kids and performed several other duties. She posted the clip on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok in May 2018.

The TikToker mom recorded herself working around the house to show her partner. The sped-up footage showed her cleaning the house, mopping the floors, doing laundry, and washing the dishes. But that wasn’t all.

Nicole also bathed, fed, and dressed her kids, Giulianna and Nicolai, all the while keeping up with their tantrums and crying sessions. She filmed herself changing her boy’s diaper, bathing her girl, and battling with her to wash her hair properly.

After bathing her little girl, Nicole helped her put on her pajamas. She noted how her daughter was very particular about what she wore and couldn’t do without her socks.

The dedicated mom also recorded herself cleaning the kitchen while struggling to make her daughter eat dinner and drink a fruits-and-vegetable smoothie.

Complying with her little princess’ request, Nicole also ensured her kids enjoyed their favorite cartoons on the TV. Meanwhile, she folded laundry and tried to finish her pending chores. In addition to clearing the dining area, the mom had to prepare her children for bedtime.

But things seemingly prolonged as her little son wanted her to stay with him, needing her undivided attention. The mom of two barely had time to sit down and have dinner, so she ate while holding her son.

Nicole had still not finished dinner when her son dirtied his and her clothes. Consequently, she had to change and bathe him, after which she gave him a bottle. Soon afterward, he fell asleep, and once she had put him to bed, Nicole resumed whatever was left of her house chores.

By the time she finished everything, Nicole was so drained that she sat down and had a drink. Usually, she said she would have messaged her husband asking him what he wanted for dinner, but she was too exhausted to contemplate that thought.

Nicole said she documented her daily routine because she wanted to feel appreciated. She hinted at how her video captured only a small chunk of her day because she had started recording around four in the evening:

“There is a lot more I did earlier in the day that wasn’t even shown in the video. A lot of prior cleanup, bottle making, diaper changing, food, art making, and more.”

Nicole’s TikTok video received an overwhelming response from netizens far and wide. Many women reciprocated her feelings and narrated similar experiences, which made Nicole realize she wasn’t alone as a stay-at-home parent.

Following the criticism her partner received, Nicole turned off comments on her TikTok video. She has since removed the original video from her account and posted two more clips, requesting people to stop attacking Giuseppe.

Nicole revealed that her partner apologized for his comment and accepted there was a lot more happening behind the scenes which could go unnoticed. In one of her videos, she called Giuseppe a sweet boyfriend and a great father, adding:

“He’s not a bad person, we had a fight, and he said something that was hurtful and hurt my feelings and made me mad, clearly.”

Giuseppe briefly appeared in the videos, apologizing for his comment before wrapping his arms around Nicole and confessing his love and appreciation for her.

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