Moment Homeless Woman Gives Birth on Sidewalk in Broad Daylight in San Francisco’s Notorious Tenderloin District

A  Video has emerged of a Homeless giving birth on a San Francisco sidewalk in broad daylight as passersby try to help her.

The incident, which is understood to have happened late last week, occurred on Geary Street in San Francisco, right next to Union Square, in the city’s Tenderloin District, which is infamously overrun by drug-addicted homeless people.

In the video, the woman is seen lying on her side with her pants pulled down, attempting to cradle the newborn

Two other people appear in the video by the woman’s side, one man, wearing a baseball cap and with his cell phone out, kneels beside her as the baby emerges, and the other stands over the heartbreaking seen.

The baby lies on the sidewalk, crying, covered in the mess of its birth until its mother reaches to scoop it up with a piece of fabric.

‘Just relax, the ambulance will get here,’ the man with the cellphone can be heard saying in the video.

Several other bystanders can be seen in the periphery of the video as well.

The Twitter account PPV-Tahoe – News Journalist posted the disturbing video on Saturday.

The San Francisco fire department confirmed that a woman gave birth to a child in ‘public view’ on Thursday, though they did not confirm whether the woman in the video is the same one referenced in their statement.

‘The public view is an area viewable by the public like a sidewalk,’ said a department spokesperson.

Both the mother and the infant were transported to a local hospital in stable condition.

According to the San Francisco Standard, which reported on the fire department’s statement, ‘public view’ births are rare but happen on occasion.

In 2007,  a woman abandoned the son she delivered on a sidewalk, and last year, a stillborn infant was discovered in the port-a-potty of a city-sanctioned homeless encampment.

San Francisco’s District 5, where the woman in the video gave birth, is supervised by Dean Preston, a self-proclaim Democratic Socialist, who formerly worked as a tenant attorney.

His campaign website says he believes ‘everyone deserves a dignified, productive, and healthy life through universal policies like Medicare for All, social housing, and free education.’ has reached out to Preston’s office regarding the incident shown above.

Public policy in San Francisco has continually allowed for a skyrocketing homeless, drug addicted and mentally unstable population to run the streets of the city.

The city is also facing a spiraling violent crime problem. Tech exec Bob Lee became one of the city’s latest murder victims last week.

The number of homeless people in San Francisco was tallied in February of last year at almost 8,000, the second highest figure of any year since 2005, according to the official government count which takes place every three years.

It has almost certainly ballooned since the latest count.

Various liberal politicians and city leaders have attempted to implement numerous policies to curb the many issues that have arisen due to the swelling homeless and drug addicted population.

One specific harm reduction policy that failed was the opening of the Tenderloin Center last year that was meant to help alleviate the city’s drug and homelessness crisis.

It cost taxpayers a whopping $22million and was meant to be a ‘safe place’ for addicts to ‘get high without getting robbed’ and without fear of fatally overdosing.

Users were also meant to be directed to help centers, though during its first four months of operations, it referred just 18 people of the more than 23,000 who were welcomed to the site.

Overall less than one per cent of visits ended in a ‘completed linkage’ to behavioral health programs.

Despite their efforts, 2022 saw upward of 500 people die from overdoses in San Francisco. In 2021, that figure was 641.

Many of those living on the streets battle serious illnesses often exacerbated by substance use

Last month, a homeless woman was filmed after having both of her feet amputated following an illness that passersby had begged her to be treated for.

On Feb 6, citizen journalist JJ Smith had filmed the shocking first clip of the woman refusing medical help for her damaged feet.

In a heartbreaking follow-up posted on March 30, it appears the woman did not heed his advice as she appeared in a wheelchair with stumps.

In the video from February, the wild-eyed woman, who appears to be foaming at the mouth, refuses the videographer’s offer to take her to the hospital to treat the infection that is on both of her feet.

‘Let me get you to the hospital,’ he says.

‘No, no, no,’ she replies as she goes to sit down on a pile of dirty materials.

‘Your feet is [sic] going to get cut off, if you don’t fix it,’ said Smith.

‘It will be fixed I promise,’ she insisted.

Further details of what caused the woman’s illness have not been shared.

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