‘My Granddaughter Is Suffering’: Rickey Smiley Reportedly Files for Grandparents’ Rights After Being Denied Access to His Late Son Brandon’s Daughter for Two Months

‘My Granddaughter Is Suffering’: Rickey Smiley Reportedly Files for Grandparents’ Rights After Being Denied Access to His Late Son Brandon’s Daughter for Two Months

Rickey Smiley is doing all that he can to see his granddaughter Storm following the death of his son Brandon Smiley.

The comedian revealed to fans that he has not seen the 3-year-old in two months, despite reaching out to the child’s mother on several occasions. During an Instagram Live, Rickey said that being denied access to the child led him to file for grandparents’ rights in his home state of Alabama.

“It’s already hard suffering a loss, and now you have to ask for Grandparents Rights,” he said. Rickey’s 32-year-old son passed away in January. The comedian since has said he believes Brandon’s past struggles with addiction may have played a role in his sudden death

The radio personality now says his grief has grown more complicated as he is unable to see Brandon’s only child. During the live chat, Rickey said his son’s ex is only causing unnecessary pain for him, his family and Storm.

“You’re hurting her, you’re hurting her. The best thing ever happen to me was having my grandparents around and just having wonderful grandparents,” said the “First Sunday” actor. In the past, Rickey has lauded his grandparents, especially his grandmother, for helping to shape him as a man.

“My grandmother was awesome, she was classy,” he said last year during his radio show. He said the love and attentiveness he grew up with is hard to find in grandmothers today. “I just see a lot of selfishness…you are not responsible for your grandkids but, man, shout out to the ones that will, the ones that do.”

Elsewhere during the live session, Rickey said his most recent attempts to see Storm happened over Easter. He posted screenshots of text messages he sent Storm’s mother.

They revealed that he invited the toddler to join in the festivities. He also extended an invitation to the mother to arrange a separate date for a visit if Easter was not an option. He never received a response.

“I know you know I filed for grandparents rights so I can have a normal relationship with Storm, it’s’ good for her to be around and know her family. She is all we have left of Brandon, and seeing her on any weekend would bring us and her so much joy,” he wrote.

“The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” host also divulged that Brandon endured similar struggles to see his child. The aspiring comedian had a court order in place that allowed him to have at least two weekends and every other Wednesday with Storm.

Rickey said the child’s mother did not respect the mandate. “We was always nice to her,” he said. He also explained that the woman was always welcome to be around their family, despite the strife between her and Brandon.

“You know, regardless of how we felt because I love my granddaughter more than I dislike the things that she was doing to my son.”

He continued, “It’s just lowdown when women do stuff like this to men. It’s women out here that wish anybody would step up and offer some kind of support. And I’m not mad about it, but hey, it’s disappointing, it’s hurtful, but you’re hurting her. I’m mad at the fact that my granddaughter is suffering.”

The proud Alabama State University alum explained that gaining grandparents’ rights would only give him a couple of weekends out of the month with his grandchild. He said that even the woman’s attorney asked if she would be willing to compromise by giving Rickey one weekend, but she was unwilling.

“You’re dealing with people who are not reasonable,” said the TV One star.

Rickey added that his fight to remain present in Storm’s life will not stop at obtaining grandparents’ rights; he also has plans to explore visitation via father’s rights.

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