She Doesn’t Want Her Boyfriend’s Family Coming To Her Birthday Dinner, Especially Since Her Boyfriend’s Mom Always Implies That She’s A Gold Digger

For special events like a birthday or anniversary dinner, you should only have to invite people that you want there.

One woman recently decided she doesn’t want her boyfriend’s family members at her birthday dinner, and she’s been given a lot of grief about her decision.

She’s 22-years-old and recently celebrated her 23rd birthday. Her boyfriend had the sweet idea of making dinner reservations at a nice Japanese teppanyaki restaurant she loves

They wanted to have a simple birthday celebration for her that only involved the two of them, a great meal, and spending the rest of the night at a hotel.

However, her boyfriend’s mother recently caused drama over her birthday plans.

She’s never been on the greatest terms with her boyfriend’s mom, mainly because he’s always had a complicated relationship with her.

Her boyfriend’s mom is often aggressive towards her and has often complained about her behind her back. She implies that she’s a gold digger after her son’s money

For instance, there was one time when she and her boyfriend brought home a haul of groceries, and his mom assumed he had paid for everything. His mom tends to make things up in her head and imagine that she is constantly after her son’s money.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, usually does what his mom tells him to do and doesn’t do a very good job of defending her

Recently, his mom chimed in on her birthday dinner plans and told her boyfriend that he needed to invite his sister and her partner.

Although she didn’t mind the idea of inviting more people, she knew her boyfriend was planning on paying the bill and didn’t want him stressing out about what was supposed to be an enjoyable evening.

She told her boyfriend that if his mother insisted on inviting people to her birthday dinner, then she wouldn’t go. She doesn’t want him to give in to his mother’s wishes

“I just want my birthday to be just the two of us,” she said.

Do you think she made the right choice by putting her foot down about her dinner plans, or should she let her boyfriend’s mom have her way?

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