She Got Into A Terrible Fight With Her Sister After She Realized She Was Wearing Her Leggings

Have you ever gotten into an argument that started over a small, menial thing and eventually snowballed into being about deeper issues?

That’s what recently happened to one woman who got into a terrible fight with her sister that started over a pair of leggings.

She’s 26-years-old and has a sister who is one year younger than her. She moved out of their childhood home about a year ago while her sister still lives there

During a recent trip home, she noticed that her sister was wearing a pair of leggings that looked exactly like the ones she had lost a year ago.

When she asked her sister about the leggings, she denied they were hers. Right off the bat, she felt her sister was lying since she had specifically bought two pairs of those leggings – one to take with her when she moved and one to leave at home.

“Last year when I went home, I looked for the leggings everywhere, asked everyone in the house if they’d seen it, and made a big production of losing it, but finally couldn’t find them, so I assumed they were lost in the move,” she explained.

When she pressed her sister further about the leggings, her sister began telling lies, saying that she had bought them a few months ago.

She knew this wasn’t true, as those leggings had been discontinued for a while. She knows this because she couldn’t get new ones after her pair went missing because they were no longer being sold.

The interrogating and lying went on for a while until her sister finally had an outburst.

Her sister told her she took the leggings because she had left them “unclaimed” at their house for years. She also said that she couldn’t come home and “demand” to have them back.

In front of their family, her sister suddenly started bashing her.

“She continued to become very defensive and started insulting me, calling me an instigator, selfish, and problematic,” she said

Her sister called her some horrible names, and she started getting the feeling that something deeper was going on other than her being angry about the leggings. To make matters worse, her parents supported her sister in the argument and told her it should be okay for her sister to borrow her clothes. They called her possessive and told her she was being selfish.

“This incident made me reflect on the ongoing favoritism in my family, which has been an issue for me for a long time,” she added. “I feel like my parents often gaslight me and make me feel like I’m the problem.”

After this experience, she ended up telling her family that if they didn’t start to treat her better, she’d give up on trying to have a close relationship with them. Unfortunately, her comments made things even worse, and there is a lot of animosity between her and her family right now.

She sees the leggings issue as a tipping point for her and her family, and she can’t believe that there hasn’t been any effort made from their side to improve their relationship.

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