She Got Into An Argument With Her Friend After They Agreed To Go To Brunch, But She Ordered And Finished Her Food By The Time Her Friend Arrived

Is there someone in your life who somehow manages to show up late to everything?

Some people are great to be around but can often mess up plans because of their bad habit of arriving late to events.

One woman recently got into an argument with her friend after she ordered and finished her food when her friend showed up thirty minutes late to brunch.

She describes her friend as always being “chronically late.” It drives her crazy. One of the most frustrating things about her friend’s lateness is that it only falls around plans with friends.

Her friend is never late to work, flights, or anything serious. But when it comes to meeting people for plans, she’s always late

“When we are together, we get along so well, and she is so kind and wonderful in other areas,” she explained. “But I finally reached my breaking point with the lateness and told her not to make plans with me if she couldn’t be bothered to show up on time.”

Her friend was very upset, but instead of trying to compromise by promising to change her ways, she told her that she should ask her to arrive at places earlier than she needed to be

So, for instance, she’d have to tell her friend to be somewhere by 11:30 am in order for her to actually show up by noon.

She told her friend there was no way she’d start doing that. But then her friend started begging her not to stop hanging out with her, so she agreed to meet for brunch to give her one last chance and see if she’d change

“I got to the restaurant on time and got a text from her that she was running 10 minutes late,” she recalled. “I went ahead and got seated and ordered my food instead of waiting for her.”

She decided not to tell her friend that she was ordering her food, and she ended up being able to finish her entire meal because her friend showed up 30 minutes late.

“She said if she knew that I was going to be done eating by the time she arrived, she wouldn’t have bothered driving all the way to the restaurant,” she added

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