She Took Her 10-Year-OId Stepdaughter Shopping For Bras, And Now Her Stepdaughter’s Mom Is Upset She Took A Milestone Away From Her

4 years ago, a 30-year-old woman got married to her 36-year-old husband named Dan. Although she and Dan do not have any children together, Dan and his ex-wife have a 10-year-old daughter named Emma

Dan shares custody of Emma with his ex-wife, Eve, and Emma ends up spending an equal amount of time with both of her parents.

Dan and his daughter Emma get along really well, and on top of that, she has a wonderful relationship with Emma too. She thinks Emma is a lovely girl, and she really does adore her

Unfortunately, Dan and his ex-wife Eve do not get along alright at all, and Eve pretty much hates her.

She can get where Eve is coming from, as Dan has admitted that he never was a good husband to Eve while they were married.

So, anyway, the biggest issue between her, Dan, Eve, and Emma right now all boils down to a conversation that Emma didn’t want to have with anyone.

Dan could sense Emma was acting off one day, but Emma refused to let Dan know what was bothering her.

She decided to step in and see if she could get Emma to spill the beans to her, and Emma did.

“…She told me that over the holiday, her cousins had made jokes about her chest/body and told her that she needs to wear a bra,” she explained.

“She thought that her training bra would be fine with the shirt that she wore that day, but that the cousins still noticed her chest and made fun of her. She didn’t feel comfortable telling her dad what happened because, in her own words, she “felt gross.” I did the best that I could to comfort her about what happened. I told her that she isn’t “gross” but rather that she is perfectly normal and her cousins were just being awful. She seemed to feel better after we talked for a while, and I told her she’s always welcome to talk to me about “girl stuff.”

After chatting with Emma, she did fill Dan in on their conversation. She then asked Dan if she could take Emma shopping to get some clothes and also some new bras that had different options for padding. Dan figured that would be fine, and he did say he could go too, but she told Dan that wouldn’t be helpful it would probably be upsetting to Emma. The very next day, Dan stayed home while she took Emma shopping.

Then, she ended up texting Eve to tell her that she had taken Emma shopping, and she also told Eve about what Emma’s cousins had said to Emma. Well, Eve sent her a ridiculously long text back, chastizing her for talking to Emma about her body, as Eve felt it was only her place to have those conversations.

Eve continued to say it was only her place, as Emma’s mom, to discuss certain topics with Emma, and then she threw it in her face that she wouldn’t get it because she didn’t have kids.

“I told her that if I had known this was important to her, I would’ve reached out to her and let her handle it… but I was only trying to help Emma, a child that I love dearly,” she said.

“It was pretty clear that her feelings were hurt that she missed a milestone with Emma and that she doesn’t trust me. Dan says that she’s just inventing problems, but I can’t help but feel like even if I had good intentions, I might have accidentally overstepped.”

Do you think she crossed a line by inviting Emma to go shopping for bras

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