Woman Finds Lonely Bio Dad in Nursing Home 56 Years After She Was Given Up for Adoption, Gives Him Forever Home

A woman given up for adoption as a baby was in search of answers. After her biological mother refused to name her dad, she took matters into her own hands and eventually found him 56 years later.

Adoption stories aren’t always black or white. Sometimes, they come with deep backstories worthy of exploration.

For children who eventually find out that they were adopted, searching for their backstories and finding answers to their many questions is a way for them to find closure, to find out who they truly are and where they came from.

Deanna Shrodes knew that she wouldn’t be able to raise a family without knowing her own history. She searched for her biological parents until years later, when she was 27, she came across her mother.

Initially, her biological mother, Sally King, wasn’t keen on meeting her. However, Deanna was determined, and she showed up at Sally’s doorstep unannounced one day.

Deanna and Sally reconnected then and they stayed in touch for 20 years until Sally passed away. Through the years, Sally barely mentioned Deanna’s dad—she refused to even tell her his name.

Her Mom Took Her Dad’s Name to The Grave

Deanna knew too late that her mother was suffering from cancer. She died in 2019, shortly after her diagnosis, taking Deanna’s father’s identity to the grave.

Deanna thought that was it and she would never meet her biological dad. However, she remembered some information that her mother had told her— he was Greek and lived in Virginia.

With the help of her friends and some volunteers, she created a Facebook group where they posted updates about finding him. She also registered with several DNA registries, hoping at least one would match her with her dad.

God Whispered Her Dad’s Name
It took ten long years of searching. As she started to lose hope, Deanna turned to her God for help. Her faith didn’t disappoint her. While she was praying, she believe God whispered his name to her. She recalled:

“I told my husband, I told my best friend Laura… I said ‘Listen, guys, you might think I’m crazy, but I was in prayer. God spoke to me: Your father’s name is Gus.

her birth. She cared for him until his death in December 2022.

Deanna penned a touching message on Facebook following his death, saying: “He will always be the greatest miracle” that she has ever experienced. Weeks later, she claimed she didn’t plan to stop talking about her dad. After all, it took her 56 years to get to know him.

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