Woman Hires Aide To Watch Mom But When Mom Dies Aide Moves In Family And Refuses To Leave

When you hire help for anything, it takes a lot of trust to allow that new person into your home. Unless you do a background check, you don’t really know who you’re allowing to enter your house. A woman from New York, unfortunately, found herself into a difficult situation after hiring a woman to help with her mother.

Inside Edition shared a video about Alayne Skylar, who hired Tatiana Abello to help care for her mother, who lived in an apartment in New York City. Alayne claims that everything was great at the beginning of her relationship with Tatiana!

Alayne said, “I thought, well, you know, she seems like my mom enjoys her company.” With the relationship between Tatiana and Alayne’s mother going strong, she allowed Tatiana’s sister and her mother to move in and help out.

The dynamic of the relationship quickly went south after Alayne’s mother passed away. Tatiana, her sister, and her mother refused to leave the rent-stabilized apartment and are still there to this day! It has been two years since Alayne’s mother died.

Alayne claims there is nothing that she can do. Steve Fabian from Inside Edition went to the building where the squatters are currently residing and spoke to the building staff. They confirmed with him that the “home care workers” are still occupying the apartment.

Steve asked Alayne who was paying the rent, and she claims that nobody is paying it. The squatters even threatened to flush her mother’s ashes down the toilet. Court documents show that the women claim to have succession rights to the apartment because they were in a “loving family type of relationship” with Alayne’s mother.

David Harris, an attorney and landlord-tenant expert, claims that there needs to be a legal proceeding to get them out of possession. Steve asked Alayna what she would like to say to Tatiana if she could, and she said, “How could you do this to somebody who was so good to you? Who treated you with love and respect?”

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