Woman Wakes up in the Middle of the Night, Sees Stranger in the Room Who Took Her Photos

A family of eight was fast asleep when a stranger entered their house in the middle of the night. The security camera footage recorded the man entering through the door before he did the unthinkable.

A woman was visiting her son’s house when she decided to stay the night. She had spent a good time with her son, daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren before she dozed off on the couch

Never in a million years had she imagined that staying at her son’s house would soon become a nightmare that would haunt her for days. The woman would never forget what the unknown man did after entering the house.

Ohio resident Brittany Andrews revealed that her son forgot to lock the door when he returned home from work at night. Andrews, her husband, their children, and her mother-in-law went to sleep without checking the door lock.

Andrews’ mother-in-law slept on the couch a few steps from the entrance. At around 4 a.m., she woke up to an unknown man standing right above her. Feeling horrified, she screamed her son’s name and called Andrews, but the man fled outside before anyone saw him.

No one knew how long the intruder had been inside the house until they checked the security camera footage. It turned out that he had spent about thirty minutes inside the house. Andrews and her family were shocked to see what he had been up to.

The footage showed the man quietly entering the house through the main door before checking his phone. Andrews revealed that she saw him do bizarre things in the footage. She said:

“He drank out of a cup that was on the counter.”

In the surveillance video, the intruder roams around in the kitchen before getting hold of a phone. Andrews said the phone belonged to her mother-in-law, and the stranger used it multiple times. He even clicked photos of her mother-in-law while she was asleep on the couch.

Whatever the unknown man did inside the house that night didn’t make sense. Moreover, Andrews found it funny watching him wear a pair of socks that he picked from the kitchen counter. She has no idea why he did that.

Not only did the incident leave Andrews’ mother-in-law horrified, but it also affected her children and her dog.
Although the intruder did not hurt anyone, Andrews did not take the incident lightly. She circulated the security camera footage on a neighborhood Facebook page, hoping it would help her find the man.

The following day, Andrews learned that the intruder had turned himself in and explained why he had entered her house. He said he got lost on his way to his friend’s apartment and stumbled across Andrews’ house while intoxicated.

Fortunately, the man was charged with trespassing, and Andrews believes the authorities should not let him go just because he was intoxicated. She feels he should apologize to her family and be held accountable for traumatizing everyone.

Not only did the incident leave Andrews’ mother-in-law horrified, but it also affected her children and her dog. Andrews’ children feel scared if left alone at home, while their dog has started barking excessively. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law couldn’t sleep properly after the incident. Andrews revealed:

“She says she wakes up multiple times during the night. I have experienced the same thing.”

Netizens were as shocked as Andrews and her family when they learned about the trespassing incident. They couldn’t help but post comments after watching the unusual security camera footage. Here’s what some people said:

“My absolute worst fear. Being caught off-guard while you’re fast asleep.”

— (@Sazmania) April 12, 2023

“If a man willingly turns himself in after no one was hurt. I’m inclined to believe he was inebriated. Thank God no one was hurt.”

— (@tyardovdabulldht2340) April 12, 2023

“It could have been more terrifying if she hadn’t been startled. Just imagine how she felt when she saw the man in the footage watching over her while she was sleeping and didn’t even know. Horror movie vibes.”

— (@heavenly1053) April 12, 2023

Our prayers are with Andrews’ and her family as they deal with the trauma caused by this terrifying incident. We hope justice is served and no one has to endure such an unpleasant experience.

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